Garmin APP

Automatic Dashboard App for GPS devices Garmin Edge (530, 820, 830, 1000, 1030, 1030 plus).

Configure and display the dashboard of the main indicators automatically according to the sensors availables on your bike at the time of training.

Improve datafield of information by adding zone graphic bars (heart rate, power, cadence or speed), detailed indicators, iconography and visualization adaptable to different light conditions.

DEMO version
PREMIUM version
* Full version for the first 45 minutes of each activity.


  • Magic Dashboard
    According to the sensors available on your bike automatically displays an information fields or other.

  • Zone graphic bars
    Displays 2 side graphs that change color according to the Zone sensor value:
    • Speed
    • Heart Rate
    • Cadence
    • Power

  • Iconography
    Icon in each datafield

  • Detailed datafield information
    For sensors indicators shows the Actual1, Maximum2, Average3 and Zone4 value.

  • Color themes day/night
    Adapted colors to the screen in day and night mode.

  • High Contrast mode
    Dashboard display in monochrome to easy reading in low light conditions.

  • Customizable
    Configurable from the Garmin Connect mobile App.
Note: You must have the appropriate sensor connected to your Garmin GPS (not included)
  • Display with Heart Rate and Cadence sensors
  • BD1 Dashboard in Garmin Edge 1000
  • Day and night colors
  • High Contrast mode active


Trial Premium
Magic Dashboard
1 screen basic datafields BASIC
It only displays data from the speed sensor.
8 screens of automatic datafields PRO
It is automatically configured according to the sensors available on the bicycle.
Zone bar graphs
Hear Rate*
More features
Detailed information (actual value, maximum, average and zone)
Color themes day/night
High Contrast mode
Configurable from the Garmin Connect mobile App
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Price Free 2.99
* Full version for the first 45 minutes of each activity.